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What can we do?

Shenzhen Runyoushan Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of mobile phone peripheral products. It is designed and processed for gift companies and foreign trade companies. The main products are USB storage products, wireless charging products, mobile wireless chargers, wireless charger modules, car wireless charger, wireless charging solution, etc.

support all kinds of logo customization: laser engraving logo, screen printing logo, support color box printing, support all kinds of schemes customization, factory direct sales is willful, large quantity is superior.

  • (1)Production of existing styles
  • (3)Customized shapes
  • (5)OEM service
  • (2)Customized logos
  • (4)Customized of function
  • (6)ODM service

Quality Assurance: Factory owns wireless charger tester, wireless charger testing frame instrument, aging tester and other equipment.

All products are tested three times with 100% total inspection, the first time the incoming materials are tested, the second time the semi-finished products are tested before assembly, and the third time the finished products are tested after assembly. The products are tested by third-party companies.

Who wer are?

Factory Scale:Located in Longbi Industrial City, Bantian, Shenzhen, with an area of 2000 square meters, the factory has 4 production lines, 4 SMT patch lines and 5 plug-in back welding wires; has 8 imported patch machines with daily processing capacity of 4 million points; fully automatic board-mounting machine, automatic printing machine and automatic receiver, two AOI detectors; lead-free wave soldering, high-frequency wave machine, ultrasonic, radium carving machine, which can realize patch-insert-post-welding-finished assembly - Testing - packaging one-stop production services.

Factory operation mode: production R&D and sales in one, undertake OEM, ODM orders, independent plastic mold, hardware mold development and design team, PCBA design and development production team, PVC mold design and production.

Circuit board technology: It adopts full machine automatic production, high-speed placement machine, reflow soldering, automatic plug-in machine, wave soldering, etc., environmental protection technology, no soldering problem, smooth solder joint, reducing subsequent repair and brightening, stable and reliable quality.

Production process standards: in line with the safety production specifications of electronic products, in line with CE, FCC, ROHS and other certification standards.

How many customer?

Foreign trade company
Gift company
Own brand OEM needs company
E-commerce customers
Business units or individuals who need to customize gifts in bulk